Keiretsu Forum Presenter Terms & Conditions are outlined below.
Agreement with these terms is required in order to present at
Keiretsu Forum Member Meetings.


  • There are no fees to submit an application, have your application documents pre-screened or to present at our Deal Screening meetings, if invited.
  • There is no fee to attend a Keiretsu Forum meeting as our guest as a potential presenter; however, you must contact Keiretsu Forum and pre-register to attend.
  • Companies which are selected at the Deal Screening to present at the monthly Keiretsu Forum Northern California chapter meetings and bi-annual Angel Capital Expos pay an administrative fee to help defray some of the administrative expenses related with operating Keiretsu Forum. The Keiretsu Forum team will discuss the administrative fee with you during the initial informational call.

* Note that each Keiretsu Forum chapter/region manages their related fees and services.


Process and Procedures:

If you are selected to present at Keiretsu Forum, you agree to:

  • Provide all necessary application and presentation materials according to the timelines indicated to you by the Keiretsu Forum team.
  • At the Deal Screening and Keiretsu Forum meetings use this recommended presentation format:
  1. Who you are (name and company).
  2. The problem that you are solving in simple terms. Who are your customers, their needs, and how your solution solves their problem. 
  3. Why your solution is different and superior to other solutions.
  4. Any intellectual property i.e. patents issued, pending.
  5. Explain your revenue model, i.e. how your company makes or will make money. Include realized revenue and projections (5-year financials). The members like to see recurring revenue model.
  6. Market size potential and how will you capture the market. 
  7. Management team and relevant background. 
  8. Funding          
    1. Funding history:

                   i.     How much have your raised to date including internal capital provided by the founder(s) and any outside capital. The members want to know if you have “skin in the game” and how much.

                  ii.     How were the funds used, and

                 iii.     What are the milestones that were achieved.

          b. Current round:

                   i.     How much are you raising in this round and under which terms.

                  ii.     What will be the use of funds, and

                 iii.     How far will this round take you (will you need another round, how much and when).

  1. Exit strategy, i.e. how will your investors make money (this is very important to communicate). The members may ask you “What’s in it for me?” Angel investors realize a return on their investment when the company has a liquidity event so it is important to communicate the path to exit, timeline and expected return.
  2. The resources that you seek in addition to capital, such as introduction to customers, partners, distribution channels, co-founder, advisers and similar.

If you enter into a due diligence process with any Keiretsu Forum members as a result of your presentation at a Keiretsu Forum meeting, you agree to:

  • Provide all additional information requested in a timely and complete manner.
  • Participate in meetings and conference calls as requested to respond to investor questions.
  • Respond to terms sheet and/or funding agreements in a timely manner.

If you receive funding as a result of your Keiretsu Forum participation, you agree to provide Keiretsu Forum with the amount of funding that you received and a copy of the investment documents/term sheet and any other financial agreements supplied to the investors.  You also agree to keep us informed of funding events as we track these locally, nationally and internationally.


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